Friday, February 27, 2015

PW6950 Final Week

The final week has come. We are doing the final tweaks - wrapping up our portfolios and digital stories, reflecting, and expressing final thoughts about the journey. We will be graduating with a Master of Arts Degree in Professional Writing from New England College as of March 1, 2015.

Here are my final thoughts:

Coming to the end of this journey is bittersweet. Sweet in the rich accomplishments from the acquired knowledge; yet sprinkled with a painful awareness that the conversation and fruitful collaboration will fade. I did not find my voice in the written word as I travelled through the Professional Writing program at New England College, but I recast, revised, and polished it. Still I would not say that I am sated as I take the final steps of this trek, rather I am fortified by the realization that I am a better writer ready for more.

Initiating, expanding, and finalizing (at least for now) both my academic and marketing portfolios caused me to reflect on the ideas, theories, and concepts that I have mastered on this quest of discovery. While I examined all that I have created over the last 18 months in my academic portfolio, I began to perceive what it means outside of the educational arena. Subsequently I opened my marketing portfolio for perusal and I ascertained that it complimented the other one, solidifying the real-world value of all I have learned. The future will be full of the written word for me.

I am a writer
 . . . and a writer’s work is never done . . . 
so I will reiterate one of the popular words in class – onward!

P.S.  Keep watching for and reading this blog! I will post on a weekly basis about writing and my writer's journey!

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