Friday, February 13, 2015

PW6950 Week Five

Still tweaking as we are speaking today! It never ceases to amaze me that each time I open my portfolios or my thesis website, there is something I want or need to add, change, or delete. But I do profess to being a lifelong learner and as I learn more and observe more I must implement more.

As an old schooler per se, I began working on computers before they had Windows! Yes, believe it or not, DOS was used when I started and it was not designed to be user friendly. Consequently, I had no templates to make formatting easy, so I free-formatted everything. Sometimes this took hours of trial and error, but I appreciated the creativity it allowed. My work was original, which set it apart.

Original work was a draw to my clients as a freelance writer. When I wrote a resume for a client or a grant or a marketing piece, it stood out. That is not to say that certain standards were not adhered. A resume had the traditional headings, a grant followed the required order, and a marketing piece had easy to locate sections. There was just the added touch of originality.

I did find out last week that originality sometimes has a price to pay. In other words, it can cause glitches or malfunctions.

I use several browsers for reasons that seem logical in my old school mind.

I use Safari because it is quick and it lets me open several independent windows. With the large screen I have on my desktop, I can look at many windows simultaneously.

On my laptop; however, I like using Firefox because the windows are available by tabs connected to a single opened window. For space concerns that works well. Also, Firefox is not quite as safety conscious as Safari, i.e. I have more freedom to access videos and other sites.

I use Chrome too. Chrome has a good memory and keeps my frequently used sites right on the opening page - one click away. It is easier to access this blog and my gmail account.

Considering all these particulars, one would think I knew that each browser opens each site slightly differently.   I did not . . . until last week that is.

As I designed my portfolios and my thesis website, I would check all the functions, the navigation, and the overall look of the website. I would do this checking on whatever browser I happened to be using. Usually it was Firefox because that is the most compatible browser for my website building software.

Last week, one of classmates gave me feedback on my thesis website. She commented that a table on the site needed format work. I opened the site in Firefox and the table looked okay. For some reason, I then chose to open the site in Safari. Oh my gosh, the columns were askew, words from one sentence ran over and into another column, and it was just a mess! When I opened it in Chrome, it was different again. Well back to work I went!

I did ask this classmate, who is an expert in website building and design, if there was an easy fix for this that I was missing. Maybe a button to click for compatibility to all browsers - seems logical right? But things aren't always as they seem.

Onward I go. Time to finish tweaking and put together the visuals for my digital story!

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