Friday, February 6, 2015

PW6950 Week Four

It's simply not all about words anymore even for a writer who is fascinated with them. My previous marketing portfolio or at that time I called it my business website, was primarily words. It was developed long ago when pictures loaded slowly and Internet surfers where forced to run and get a cup coffee or take a restroom break while something was opening up on the computer. Or worse, they would just click away. So words dominated my website because they would load swiftly and I had the chance to retain a new client if he stayed to read about my offerings. It was not very interesting, but it was functional. Many of my clients didn't even go web surfing yet - most likely didn't even know how!

The exponential growth of technology changed all that. It is the visuals that attract the surfers today and keeps them there. Although words that make up the content are still crucial to showcase my writing abilities and capabilities, a vibrant layout will give my portfolio the edge I seek.

I appreciate the beginning discussions of our portfolio class more now as I am in the active throes of tweaking my academic and marketing portfolios. I keep thinking back to a few examples we discussed. The upbeat, little bit spunky, and slightly humorous writing portfolios were the ones that I delved deeper into and wanted to know more about. They were also the writers that I would want to hire. That resonated with me, as the purpose of my marketing portfolio is to appeal to clients. I want my academic portfolio to compliment it too.

With all that in mind, for marketing I leaned slightly to the trendiness that made me smile and want to act and kept my serious side for the academic site. Both take on the professional tone when showcasing the work I have done and can do. Content is still crucial.

Revision is in process as I write this. My classmates and I have been busy in our workshops and on the discussions boards giving feedback to each other. We commented on and suggested changes to visual elements, consistentcy, color, white space, placement, fonts, and much more. The visual and written elements need to mesh cohesively within our portfolios and all with seamless navigation. We learn so much for other's eyes. And now I tweak!

By the way, I love that word tweak! I used to described myself as a nitpicker, which can have unhappy connotations. Now, I am a tweaker in this technologically advanced visual society and that always brings a smile to my face!

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