Friday, January 30, 2015

PW6950 Week Three

"Writing comes so easy for you!" I am pretty sure all of my classmates have heard that from a friend or two. I know most my friends and family picture our classroom as a happy bunch of writers.

For a writer, writing is not that simple. We toil over the words, trying to find just the right one among the 1,025,109.8 in the English language. And, now with the advent of technology at our fingertips, we not only get to choose words, but images to compliment them. I am pretty sure most of us have looked quite similar to the picture on the right more often than the one at the top!

Ironically the words that sparked the most spirited discussion this week as we vented and encouraged each other were:

"A writer's work is never done!"

These very true words is why we forge ahead, hammering away at our keyboards, building, constructing, forming, and creating our portfolios. And no doubt, as friends and family view what we have done, their accolades will revolve around the perception that for us, the writers, it was easy. I guess I will have to give a resounding "yes" then to the question of one of my classmates, "but that is also the joy of being a writer, isn't it?"

My portfolios are coming along as most of ours are, heading into the third week of class. This week we will be submitting them for feedback to each other, so the stress is mounting. Decisions have to be made, even though many will change as the editing process begins.

A large part of our program involved collaboration with each other not only in classroom discussions, but also on our writing projects. I have watched my own writing evolve because of this constant and varied feedback. As writers, we always must keep the audience at the forefront. We are not actually writing for ourselves, but for them. No matter how many words are written, how well they flow, and how beautifully they are presented, they are meaningless unless they are read and understood. That is precisely the reason the feedback is so valuable. Our classmates are also readers and we get the opportunity to have them read and use their writing expertise to assist us in building ours.

There will be many "aha" moments created during the feedback of the initial drafts of our portfolios. So be sure and return next week and I will discuss some of them. In the meantime, my fellow writers:


  1. Indeed, "a writer's work is never done"! I'm so glad that we've been able to work together throughout this graduate school journey, Lisa. I hope that your week has been going well as you continue to brainstorm and revise.

  2. Hi Tes,

    I share your thoughts and hope we continue to stay in touch after the program as fellow writers and friends!

    My week is going well, a lot of work, but well! I hope your is too!

    I am also teaching a grantwriting course this week and next. The students are enjoying it and they are the first to view my academic and marketing portfolios because they wanted to see some writing samples. I did let them know the portfolios were a work in progress, but it was exciting to share them!