Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Let's Talk!

I have taken a break from writing this blog, which is obvious given the date of the last entry. After completing six years of schooling, I was a wee bit tired. That is not to say that I did not miss writing, in fact writing has been at the forefront of my thoughts during this brief hiatus. Some new ideas emerged, some old ideas rekindled, and I gathered new insights about my writing life.

Writing is a solitary process. That is good when a writer is given a task to research, draft, redraft, proof, and complete by a given date. Having the alone time to think and attack the keyboard is critical to all writers; however, it can be tough to discipline oneself without the looming deadline or the push from another to complete a project or story. Though the necessary nudge or poke or perhaps shove, can come from a good cheerleading section. A group of supporters that not only keeps a writer moving forward, but also collaborates and teaches along the way.

This holds true in many aspects of life. For example, I have been working on weight loss, not just recently – for my lifetime! Recently however, I was invited to join an online group, TD Nation. By joining this group, I was immediately given a personal coach and the opportunity to join smaller groups that participated in focused challenge such as maintaining calorie goals for 90 consecutive days or a boot camp for four weeks to intensify the journey. Like-minded people striving for the same goal interact, sharing ideas, encouraging each other through the struggles, and praising successes big and small. No gimmicks and no fees, instead motivation and knowledge. It works!

Weight loss can be a solitary process, just like writing, but what I have learned is the value of support. It may be a solitary process, but it does not have to be done alone. Thus, the power of writing groups, schooling, and other opportunities to interact with writers.

So how about it my fellow writers and readers – let’s talk! Give me ideas as to what you want to read in this blog or share a writers’ group you have joined, or simply say “hi!”

Until next time, happy writing all!

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